Winter and Spring 2018​​​​​​
Another Wall? - Another Car? - Another Street - Still Parked - Some Parked Cars - Outside - Interstate - Exit 21 - Another Highway? - And Another Car? - Bones? - Another Jeep? - And then Another Car? - Another Road
Another Wall? - 2 by 2.25 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 1:18 am 5/11/2018 
Another Car? - 2 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 8:16 am 5/25/2018
Another Street - 3.2 by 3.8 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 4:59 am 5/15/2018
Still Parked - 2.2 by 3.3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 1:41 am 5/12/2018
Some Parked Cars - 1.8 by 3.5 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 3:34 am 5/15/2018
Outside - 3 by 4.125 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 6:06 am 3/12/2018
Interstate - 2.25 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 8:44 am 4/24/2018
Exit 21 - 2 by 4.3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 12:14 am 4/22/2018
Another Highway? - 1.3 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 6:07 am 2/3/2018
And Another Car? - 1.3 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 5:30 am 5/21/2018
Bones? - 2 by 4.2 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 7:35 am 2/28/2018
Another Jeep? - 1.15 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 4:47 am 3/3/2018
And then Another Car? - 1.3 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 8:38 pm 4/9/2018
Another Road - 1.3 by 3 inches - Pen and Ink - Finished 6:48 am 1/15/2018
When I work in pen and ink, I use a series of pens and markers such as: micron drawing pens, brush pens, and a dip pen with India ink on paper. Drawing primarily with line allows my work to be constructed by rendering with shape and form as opposed to just shading. The better I understand how something is constructed the better I’ll be able to draw it. 

I start by drawing the image out in pencil. Since ink is permanent, I take great care in making sure everything is penciled correctly in proportion, perspective, etc. Even if I know an area will be covered in shadow, I still spend time penciling it out because how those areas are constructed will have an impact on the construction of what is lit. I then go over the pencils in ink. 

Once the entire penciled image is drawn out in pen; I begin erasing. This erasure is how I get the various value shifts in the ink. I then draw over the erased ink and work my way forward from the furthest point in the background. I draw a layer, erase, I draw the next layer, erase, etc. 

While my works are more rooted in the analysis of an environment, I still like to utilize compositional tools similar to those used in narrative illustrations. I'm not strictly drawing a place exactly as it is. I'll change things, especially with this new set of drawings, to get the composition I want. I will direct light and shadow, signs, the direction of the line-work, placement of objects, etc. to focus the viewer’s eye on particular objects similar to how a comic book dictates a narrative through its panels.    
For in-depth full length videos and images of my work, inking process, and drawing techniques: