Annual Local Exhibition Opportunities 
As these are close enough to drop off your work, local exhibitions can deliver a greater profit compared to those you have to ship your work to. 
Feel free to contact Taylor should you need any help framing your work. 
deadline: March 31, 2023
West Michigan Art Competition
deadline: TBD January 2023
92nd Michigan Contemporary Art Exhibition
deadline: TBD 2023
2023 Regional Arts Exhibition
deadline: tBD May 2022
Arts Council of White Lake Juried Exhibition
deadline: TBD 2023
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts West Michigan Art Show
deadline for last year: March 31, 2021
TBD 2023
Other Misc Recommended Submission Opportunities
17th annual Rites of Passage Exhibition
deadline: TBD 2023
Ann Arbor Art Fair College student only Program
Deadline: TBD 2023
Illustrators of the future contest
Deadline: December 31, 2022 (This one is quarterly)
Meijer Gardens Permanent collection competition
Deadline: TBD 2023
further resources only available for advanced inking Students.