Illustration Publication Resources
- Online Database of Children's book Publishers:
- Publishers Database:
- Directory of Illustrators:
- Workbook (Artist Portfolios and creative contact database):
Illustration Art Representatives
Just like with corporate sales or through galleries, artist representatives offer clients the benefit of initial vetting. a represented artist's reputation is supplemented with the firm's reputation which can boost a potential client's confidence that the artist will deliver a quality product on time.
- Shannon Associates:
- Bernstein & Andriulli:
- MB Artists:
- Handsome Frank:
- Folio Illustration Agency:
- Inky Illustration:
- Lemonade Illustration Agency:

Original Comic book artwork Representatives
Comic ARt Representatives sell original artwork on behalf of comic book artists. This is income comic artists receive in addition to the pay they received for the comic publication pay.
- Felix Comic ARt:
- essential Sequential:
- Brit Comics Art:
- Comic Art Tracker (Broad Search for across all comic artists and representatives):
- Comic Art Fans: