Jan 19
-Larcenet Manu (French Comic book Artist) Le Rapport de Brodeck - Tome 1
-Zoe Thorogood Sells Comic book Cover for $7000- https://x.com/zoethorogood/status/1748050965427589282?s=20
-Nico Delort Illustrates the Hunger Games
Jan 21
-James Harren
-Other Artists mentioned in class today: J.H. Williams III, David AJA, Will Eisner, Bill WAterson, Frank Miller, David Mazzuchelli, Lee Bermejo, Dave Gibbons
-Book Recommendations: Hawkeye by Matt Fraction/David Aja, Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller/Klaus Janson, Batman: Year one and Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller/David MAzzuchelli, Watchmen by Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons
Feb 5
Comic Inking
Feb 7