These are My class notes covering topics I brought up in Advanced inking on a specific day:
Wed Nov 15
Tracie Ching poster illustration referencing historical illustration-
Jared Muralt Comic book artist and Illustrator inking hair on rabbit-
Drawing in curved perspective with 3 vanishing points:
She maintains pressure control by resting her hand with her three fingers against the paper as opposed to holding the pen laying her palm on the paper. This may be a difficult way to draw with microns, but a great way to maintain consistency with a brush pen.
James Harren, one of the most inspiring comic book artists working today-
Wed Nov 8
Went over scans and Figure Assignment finals
Mon Nov 6
Claybord Demonstration
Mon Oct 30
Brush Pens mentioned: Black Zig Clean Color Real Brush, Pentel Pocket brush pen, Kuretake Eyeliner, Faber castell Pitt Artist PEn
Craig Thompson- Brush Pen Comic book artist who Drew "Blankets" and "Carnet de Voyage"
Kim Jung Gi- Brush Pen Artist
Wed Oct 18
East Lansing Art Fair Emerging Artist Program: 
Using India ink, French comic artist Denis Rodier:
Brian Bolland: Comic book artist on titles such as Judge Dredd 

Society of Illustrators Independent Comic book festival: 

Previous class Notes
Breaking down the face (look at this artist's patreon for a great example of how to use a subscription service)-
Great example of an artist creating and using references -
Tom foster Comic book artist layouts in pencil and inks-
Shawn McManus comic book illustrator-
Earlier Notes
Phillip Harris “Dip Pen Illustrator and Printmaker”-
Artist using mix of brush pen and thin pen line work-
Getting a brush pen look with mix of wash or watercolor and colored pencil-
Profile Etching Example (Attainable style through thin line work and ink wash-
French comics (Ink and Black pencil or graphite look)-
Simone Bianchi (One of the most impressive comic artists focusing on stylized realism)-
Ricardo federici (Another one of the most impressive comic artists focusing on stylized realism)-