Penciling out the drawing with preliminary inks on the foreground. Using India ink and a Hunt 105 quill tip to draw the foreground Tree and grass. The drawn out box was the original idea for this composition. I decided to extend the composition size to the left early on in the process. Working on larger than necessary paper allows composition expansion. This is something I do with every drawing.

Penciling out the track lines. Thinking about tracks and how they are put down to inform on how I lay them out. Background done with micron ink knowing I'll erase it to lower its contrast and value. Laying out a guide in the sky for micron line work. 

Line work in the sky completed. I started with Micron 02 line work in the sky at the top of the drawing and transitioned to micron 005 line work moving into the tree line on the horizon.

Began working in the mid ground and started drawing lines in the dirt. One of the reasons I draw fields with tracks or rows of corn is its ability to convey perspective which, I find, is difficult to convey with just grass.

Lightly erased the sky line work and the background tree line. Working in the foreground line work.

Put down tape for dry brushing only. I wait until tape is absolutely necessary before I put it down. Starting to go over the foreground dirt tracks a second time.

Drawing completed. Used the zig clean color real brush on the background tree line, dark areas  of the trees in the middle ground, and much of the foreground. The foreground was heavily dry brushed to achieve the dark shadow.